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‘Pixel’ The Only Chromebook Google Doesn’t Expect You To Buy

Google Chromebook Pixel Review Author: Craig Jones Easily one of the most confusing products of the first half of 2013, and one of the most difficult to review because unlike most products, they are usually geared towards consumers, this one

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Is It Just A Paperweight, Or A Worthy Successor For The Kindle Crown?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review Author: Craig Jones It’s the second iteration of the 5th generation Kindle, doing away with physical buttons completely, adding a built in light and expanding the resolution, but is all that really worth the upgrade?

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Big Things Come In Black Slab Like Packages…Apparently

Sony BDP-S790 Review Author: Craig Jones The understated body of Sony’s entry level Blu-Ray player is host to a gang of features that promise to turn any living room into an impressive multi-media hub.

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