Illumiroom – The Kinect After A Workout!


Illumiroom In Action

Micrsoft Research Unveils ‘Illumiroom’

Author: Craig Jones

Microsoft Research released a trailer for what looks to be the evolution of the most versatile camera/microphone combo you are likely to find plugged into any piece of tech, the Kinect.

But can the portmanteau peripheral build on the success of the Kinect by allowing developers create ingenuitive ways of using this new technology.

Hopefully the ‘Illumiroom‘ will be open source, unlike its predecessor, meaning we might see both some sophisticated and silly functions for the new piece of hardware, from tinkering tech-taylors.

Sebastian Anthony has a very in depth post over at ExtremeTech, so head on over to find out more, and be sure to let him know who sent you 🙂

Question Time:

If you could have the Illumiroom do anything, what would you have it do, and why? Leave a comment and let us know.


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