Just Upgraded To The S3? Great News, It’s Obsolete!


Looks Suspiciously Like The S3

Samsung Set To Reveal The Galaxy S4

Author: Craig Jones

The Rumour Mill has been working overtime these past couple of weeks, and today it pumped out a doozie! Yep, you guessed it, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is on its way. And probably a lot sooner than you think. 

In an apparent effort to keep up with the ever changing world of the Android Smartphone, Samsung urge you to keep March 15th reserved especially for them.

Insiders have made a nod to it being a go for the S4, also hinting that the release could be as early as the first week of April.

So for those of you that are thinking of upgrading their current handset, might want to ease off the gas a little until then.

The ‘rumoured’ specs appear to be worth the wait, but an early release begs the question “Should I just wait for the S5?”.

If past release dates are anything to go by, we could see the S5 on the shelves by the end of the year, so I would suggest that if you have the S3, or are tied into a contract, it might not be worth the upgrade right now. And with Androids regular updates to help maintain a fresh feel to older devices, it only serves to shift the balance even further in favour of waiting it out a little longer.

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